Trump Revolution in Macon, Ga

Trump Revolution

Trump Revolution 11-30-15

The Trump Revolution invades Macon, Georgia Monday night. So when the opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance to go to Macon’s Trump speech at the Macon Civic Center. A long time friend who is also a Trump supporter invited me and I attended with my fellow Trump Revolution, Jimmy Burton.

I wanted to see him deliver his stump speech in person, and I wanted that famous red “Make America Great Again” hat. We arrived 45 min. early, but the Civic Center parking lot was full and we had to find a place to park. We ended up getting a spot in a small lot about a half-mile from the event. We walked it and arrived to a bevy of sales people and I got my hat. Tadaa!!

Security was high

Trump Revolution Security was showing everywhere. Men in suits with earpieces and a swat team up in the rafters. I was stunned by how well this event was managed and how well it was presented. On the way out we saw Search and Rescue trucks and a huge Hazmat truck. Police all over the lobby. I was impressed. They were prepared.

Trump CardTrump on the Stump

Herman Cain introduced the Donald, and although I didn’t hear a lot off new things from Trump, I enjoyed hearing him tell me about treating the Vets better and Making America Great Again, building up the Military, and getting after ISIS.  We ended up going down on the floor and I was surprised just how close I could get to Mr. Trump. Trump did introduce one of the black pastors who met with Mr. Trump earlier in the day at Trump Towers in New York, then flew back with the Donald as he lives in Atlanta.

Trump Card

There are a lot of reasons I have chosen to back Donald J. Trump, here are a few Trump Cards.

  • Trump isn’t a politician that depends on a government position for an income, stature, prominence, or notoriety.
  • Trump doesn’t owe anyone in government any favors,
  • Trump has no record of illegalities, scandals or corruption,
  • Trump has a outstanding and proven record of leadership.
  • Trump doesn’t want your money or my money to run on.
  • Trump is unafraid of politicians, that is why they fear him.
  • Trump is a man of his word and vows to Make America Great Again.
  • Trump is unlike career politicians that depends on government.
  • Trump is like General MacArthur and General Patton,,,, and other great leaders that have saved America.
  • Trump is what we need, we have had to many talkers and not enough doers.
  • Trump is a tireless worker who goes after what he sees as necessary to Make America Great Again.
  • Trump WILL BUILD THE WALL and provide a way for aliens to leave and come back legally.
  • Trump’s children say he is and always has been a good father.
  • Trump will solve the debt crisis by running America like a business.

If you haven’t started looking at the candidates, give Trump a look see and join the thousands that comprise the Trump Revolution. I believe he’s the Real Deal. We need someone who will stand up for what he believes and not give more ground up to the let. That will take a strong leader, and Donald J. Trum is a real proven leader.

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