Swim with the Dolphins

Panama City Beach, Florida

Swim-with-dolphinsWhen visiting the panhandle beach at Panama City Beach and you are looking for some things to do other than just walk the beaches looking for shells, you might be interest in a Shell Island adventure called Swimming with the Dolphins. We have a really good deal here on tickets that will save you plenty. Best priced Swim with the Dolphins guaranteed!!

Shell Island Adventure – Make the most out of your water adventure experience by treating yourself to fun, tropical activities at Shell Island in Panama City Beach, Florida. Two trips daily, starting at 9am and 1pm. Upon arrival, you’ll be fitted with snorkeling gear and personal flotation devices. You’ll learn about dolphin physiology and behavior. Our staff will make you aware of the proper etiquette for interacting with dolphins and safety guidelines. By 9:30am or 1:30pm, respectively, we’ll be on a boat and on our way to Shell Island, where dolphin encounters take place.

Are children welcome? YES!! We highly encourage you to bring your children, as it will be a profound experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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