Drive In Chapter 2 Daddy the movie man

December 9, 2012 John Gilbert 0

The bright light from outside was in his eyes as the door opened and he saw five figures silhouetted in the doorway. He reached out to take our tickets just as four children squealed “Daddy!” I remember being chocked up as I saw my father and tears of gladness filled my eyes. [continue reading]

Drive In Chapter 4 The Projectors

December 6, 2012 John Gilbert 0

I had bought a Kodak 8 mm projector from a pawn shop for $15.00. Into our dirt basement I dragged the family picnic table to use as a projector stand. At the opposite end of the basement I hung one of my mother’s bed sheets from the floor joist to serve as a screen. I used my sisters’ record player (from which I removed the speaker and placed it behind the screen) for sound. [continue reading]

Drive In chap 5 Reflections After Dark,

December 5, 2012 John Gilbert 0

The drive in was also a great place to learn to drive. I’d drive along the back row and out the back exit drive. There were two exits on the right side of the lot and I’d drive out one and into the other, across the front row and down to the back row again. There’s no telling how much gas I burned driving around the lot. Gas was 35¢ a gallon and that was a lot of money. Daddy would drive across town where he could buy it for 32¢ a gallon. [continue reading]