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COLUMBUS, GA. — ABOUT THE NEW COLUMBUS GEORGIA ONLINE.  Welcome to Columbus Georgia Online version 3.0, (CGO3) ! Since July 4th, 2001, Columbus Georgia Online has been providing information with Columbus, Georgia as it’s focus for residents and visitors alike. After a two-year re-design and re-do of the Columbus Georgia Online website, some of our URLs have changed and / or are moved or are no longer there. This update cost us some page rank, but it’s been worth it according to our viewers and our page rank is climbing back up every day. Tell someone about us and we’ll move one more rung up the ladder. Please check your old FAVORITES or BOOKMARKS and make any adjustments to re-establish those links. They are extremely important to us and our ranking. Changing the site and bringing it into the 21st Century was a challenge and it looks like we are succeeding. With the implementation of a modern community network system, and up to the minute news feeds from trusted news sources, Columbus Georgia Online is now, more than ever, your City Guide Magazine to your city! Lots of websites give you information about lots of things, but when it comes to the info you want or need about what’s going on in Columbus, Georgia. CGO is the place to start! But don’t stop there, join the party! Sign up today using your Social Media Login for your own free membership,  and help make Columbus Georgia Online even better!  We promise not share member information, ever. And we don’t spam!!  Better yet, use this site to promote your products or your business! Our goal is to bring residents and businesses together in a way that’s never been done before, so come join us! Help us grow by adding a link back to ColumbusGeorgiaOnline.com from your site. And thank you for your visit.

Our staff is listening, so if you have ideas or have seen a feature on another site that you would like to see implemented on CGO2, please use the contact us page and tell us about it.  Please let us know if you encounter problems, or have suggestions on how we can serve the entire Chattahoochee Valley better with our website. You may comment publicly in the comment section at the bottom of the pages or contact us directly  here.

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Columbus Georgia OnlineWe still consider this site to be in Beta mode because we’ve still got lots of content to add. Please let us know if you encounter any problems, or have suggestions on how we can serve the entire Chattahoochee Valley better with our website.

About Columbus Georgia Online features:

  • Complete information about Columbus, GA… the good, the bad, the ugly… from the people who live here.
  • News that is relevant to each and every Columbus citizen as well as to tourists and visitors!
  • Social Medial Log-in profile sections that will let you meet other people in Columbus!
  • Open door policy on content submission! Got something to say? Say it, by sending it to us, if it’s appropriate we’ll publish it!
  • The most popular ideas on Events and how to enjoy the local area and make it better!
  • The perfect place to advertise your business to Chattahoochee Valley Residents!
  • Professional advertising services that include world class web design including content management systems, social network marketing and graphic design. Need a banner add? Just let us know, we’ll design it for you, at no charge.
  • Assistance with just about any techno-project you might have! We love technology and we’ll be happy to help you use it for yourself or you business with our in-house Website Design department.

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NEW LISTINGS ARE NOW JUST $6.00 we use that money to pay our hosting and site upkeep bills, so if you are willing to support CGO so it can support you back Put your business online with the oldest continually operated grass-roots Business Directory in the Southeast, USA.

ABOUT, Our Columbus Georgia Online website Directory just keeps growing. Before we placed the old links into the new directory we checked the links, so all links listed should be good now. We still have a ton of submissions to get into the new directory and you are invited to add your new site, never a charge. CGO is receiving over 15,000 page views per month and always growing,  and Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL search CGO for new listings several times each day. Listing your new site will get your listing in those search engines too.

Help us troubleshoot CGO

If you find a typo-o or if something doesn’t work as you think it should would you please make a comment on that page, or send me an email letting me know. We’ll work out all the bugs pronto.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to the Pride of Columbus the Internet Gem of the Chattahoochee Valley, Columbus Georgia Online.

Mike Dukes editor Columbus Georgia Online

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