Mike Dukes is the founder, and editor-in-chief of Columbus Georgia Online (CGO). and During the rise of the Internet in 2001, CGO started primarily as a links project. I wanted a place where everything was handy, easy to find and promoted area businesses in the Chattahoochee Valley area of Georgia and Alabama. Other features were added as I learned how to accomplish the task and has grown into one of the most popular sites in the Valley. So now we had up to the minute news feeds, sports, weather and some of the best writers on the Internet. John Gilbert, Sandra Doolittle, Jan Page, Ron Rollins, and ATF students at Hughston Health Hospital. Other contributors sent their appreciated grass-roots articles in and the snow ball just kept rolling. Jan Page added the Mystery Picture Game and the Valley played. CGO was essentially before its time and and today it remains innovative.

I live in Columbus, Ga with my wife Nancy and our dogs Bobo and Lola and our 4 cats. Out children were born here in Columbus. Lacey and Tyler, now living with their own families. So far we have three Grandchildren. Columbus Georgia has been our home since 1982 when I retired from the entertainment business and began my new career in pest control. I am retired from the 9-5, but work everyday on my websites and building websites for other business.

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