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Because sciatica is often caused by irritation, a brief period of rest and avoiding certain activities while taking anti-inflammatory medication is recommended. [continue reading]

CT Scan

November 24, 2012 Editor CGO 0

CT Scans or CAT scans photographs our inside then a computer processes the information and shows a cross-section of body tissues and organs. [continue reading]

Stress Fractures

November 24, 2012 Editor CGO 0

One of the most common injuries sustained in athletics today is a stress fracture. Although the term stress fracture is easily recognized, many athletes may not understand exactly what they are. A stress fracture is essentially a small crack or fracture in the bone. Although stress fractures are relatively common, they are often misunderstood due to the various causes and complications related to diagnosis. [continue reading]


November 23, 2012 Editor CGO 0

Classic migraines are associated with a proceeding aura. The aura, which occurs in about 20% of migraines, is a disturbance to one of the five senses. [continue reading]

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