Jordan High School


Jordan High School

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by Sandra Waldrop Doolittle

Did the movie Grease capture Rydell High School as Jordan High School? Yes it did!
Miss Louise Randall (Home Economics), Who taught us all we needed to know about sex….”Don’t do it”.

Jordan Vocational High School

Where dose one start? Mr R. H. Taliaferor, Miss Margaret Cox, Mr. walton Crouch, Mr. R. A. Powell, Mrs Pearl Tedder, Miss Mary Elizqabeth Tune, Miss Sara Bolin (Heard), Miss Elizabeth Speer, Miss Helen Shepard, Mr. D. D, Trotter, H. A. Jones, Herbert Slayton, Mrs. Julia Taylor , Sumpter Blackmon, Mrs. Elizabeth Green, Mrs Mamie Truitt and Miss Mayme Cole.

Oh yes, Miss Louise Randall (Home Economics), Who taught us all we needed to know about sex….”Don’t do it”. This is the same Miss Randall ‘s class that we girls used to sit in the four large open window sills on first floor and one by one jump down and run over to the Red Jacket store and bought a coke during class and then run back and swap places with the next girl sitting in the window. It was years before we told mama and Dad about it, Daddy laughed, mama didn’t think it was funny.

I’m getting ahead of my self. I can remember getting ready to start High School the next day, matching a blouse up with my poodle skirt and brushing my duck tail after having my hair cut during the summer. When in Panama City, Fla. during the summer it was the thing to do, to cut your hair into a *Duck Tail*.

Billy Case jordan high school

Billy Case

One day the telephone rang, it was Billy Case who was a senior at Jordan , calling me to remind me to bring money to ride the elevator to the second floor. He told me it would be cheaper to pay fifty cents at one time for both up and down trips rather than pay twenty five cents going up and twenty cents going down. When I told daddy (Harry P. Waldrop) he looked at me with his eyes brows pulled together and frowned, but gave me fifty cents any way. The next day, I found Billy in the hall and I told him there were no elevators , he laughed, gave , me a hug and said, “Welcome to Jordan, you are now one of us.”

One thing I had to get over was the fact that my sister’s friend Sarah Bolin (Heard) was not the same person who visited us. I was in Miss Bolin’s class. I called her Sara, because, at that age I thought I could. I found out I couldn’t. The first six weeks I called her Sarah, until she gave me an “F”. I had to take my card home to be signed. The rest of the year I called her Miss Bolin. Even today I can run into her at the Grocery store , I still call her Miss Bolin and she calls me Sandra Waldrop. This is between she and I. She might have forgotten by now….but I haven’t.

Columbus Georgia old picture jordan high school

Old picture of Columbus Ga, downtown

I was in Tusla, Oklahoma visiting my daughter at ORU. I ran into Jan and Paul Crouch. I felt like I had seen Jan some where before , but couldn’t put my finger on where. We talked for a while and she said, I feel like I know you, but I knew she didn’t. When I told this story the next day one of the ministers told me, you do know Jan Crouch, she was Jan Bethany, the daughter of Rev.Bethany , minister of North Highland Assembly of God. With that remark, it all fell in place.

Every one has always made fun of Jan Crouch crying all the time on their Trinity Broadcasting programs. I remembered when we were walking home from Jordan, we would talk and if I told her my cat had fleas , tears would come streaming down her cheek. Jan was the most compassionate loving person to others problems. Knowing Jan Crouch was Jan Bethany, I started looking at her in a different light.

One of my downs in life was when I ran into Billy Rose who is a weather watcher for WRBL. I had classes with Billy and we were in the String Ensemble together and the we traveled with the Band. Billy was always center of attention if we were on stage or on the Bus traveling. Billy was a part of my life during high school and I never forgotten him I ran into Billy a few years ago in Pine

Billy Rose jordan high school

Billy Rose WRBL Weather Watcher

Mountain and I wanted to introduce this beloved man to my children. Then it happened—-Billy didn’t remember me.
I was crushed. That was a few years ago, but he hasn’t forgotten me since. Billy knew so many people, never met a stranger. Here I thought Billy would remember me, because we talked and cut up during breaks and on the Bus, but he didn’t. It’s okay, he will always be my friend and well loved. you just have to love Billy. (even if he forgets you.)

Did the movie Grease capture Rydell High School as Jordan High School? Yes it did. We had our Wayne Green who wore jeans, white socks, white T shirt with a pack of ciagarettes in the rolled up sleeve. There were so many parts of Grease that were like living Jordan High School all over. I remember when we were in Mrs. Parker ‘s class (who simply adored boys, my class was 26 boys and 2 girls) and we were taking a test, I droped my pencil and I thanked Wayne for picking it up. She wanted me to throw my test paper away and leave the room. You would have had to see it to believe the way Wayne charmed her into letting me stay in class and finish the test. The Fonze couldn’t have charmed her any better than Wayne Green did.

I’ve been back to Jordan High School a couple of times with my girls . It was smaller than I remembered on the inside I went upstairs and looked into the room where we took typing, bookkeeping and shorthand. I looked inside the tying room where Billy Anderson’s long legs used to wraped around my desk and my elbow would hit his knees. I can’t remember if it was Billy or not ,who when in Miss Spear’s class , would make believe he was fainting, and as tall as Billy was it would take about four basketball players to carry him out. This was at the beginning of the class and they wouldn’t come back. This happened at least twice a week. Needless to say, we girls would give them our notes we had taken in class.

Mrs. Cole's shorthand room  jordan high school

Mrs. Cole’s shorthand room

Then I looked into Mrs. Cole’s shorthand room where she used to call on us to read a page with a letter on it and we would all turn into the the back of the book and read it and she never caught on. Could be why I wasn’t good in shorthand. However, Bookkeeping you couldn’t cheat, that is why I made good grades in Bookkeeping and my first job was at J. B. McCollum’s Photos and then on to Hardaway Ford.

Most of the Jordan High graduates tell the story of if you are pulled over by a policeman for speeding, just roll down the window and hum the Jordan High song. “When the Carmine and grey are flowing, over high JVHS… He would know you were one of his. Worked for us! Even Chief Jim Weatherington was one of ours. All the Lawyers were from across the rail road tracks from Columbus High School. Yes, there was a rail road track, right through St. Elmo and Warm Springs Road.

From Warm Springs Road to the River were known as lint heads. My dad worked at Southern Bell Telephone Company, Gere Jones Taylor’s Dad was a mail man, Elizabeth Kinser’s Dad worked for the Post Office, Jeanne Franklin Dudek’s dad was manager of Hajoka Plumbing, Carol Johnson Royer’s dad worked for Southern Bell. Once you crossed Hamilton Road you had the families of the Mill people. No matter who we were, we were still called Lint Heads, even Martha Ann , Shirley and Eugenia Meadows and Sara Bolin who were very pretty ladies.Quite a few of our Jordan High girls married accross the Track.

Now, the River Rats were from across the River who attended Central High School. H. T Oliver, Jerry Pope, even my Carlton H. Doolitte, George Duck, Carol Lane Lee, Mickey Waldrop and my genealogy and friend Ron Rollins.

I just found out lately that the Army Brats were not only the children of the families of Fort Benning. I talked to a man, that I didn’t know, last week on Broadway, down town Columbus, that was from North Highland and he rode the school bus to Baker High School with many other kids who lived in Columbus and attended Baker High. John Manning was the only friend I had that went to Baker High.

As far as the nick name for Columbus High, you will have to ask them. I don’t think it’s proper to call them by their nick names now. Oh yeah, One year they came over and painted our canons blue and orange their color, which we were able to cover with black paint. Then the Jordan High School boys went over and painted the front of Columbus High with JVHS in tar. It was years and years before they could cover up the JVHS.(You don’t mess with us Lint Heads).

Before my time, when Mr. Robert Barr was Band Director , the Band had the title of “Best Band In The Land” They played and danced to the St. Louis Blues. In the dark with flash lights on their ankles. They bought the house down. Mrs. Anne Barr taught me in Orchestra. These two people were well loved by all who knew them. There are so many stories others could share about Robert and Anne Barr.( I started out with Jim Sigmund then Anne Barr teaching me to play the violin.)

Most of the members I graduated with still remember each other and when we run into one another we act like teenagers. Most of us went from Johnson Elementary School, Columbus Junior High and Jordan High together.

I thank God for attending Jordan Vocational High School and the memories I have that are happy and funny. The happiest times of my life were when I was being surrounded by hundreds of friends. I just wish I had more time to ramble on about Joe Bowers, Roger Dansby, Jimmy Huffman, Jeanette and Juliette Johnson (The twins), Jim Hunter , Aurthur Knight, Ronnie Hunter, Janice Wiggins, Bill Fuller, Bobby Bush, Nancy McLaughin, Bpbby Waldrep, Jimmy Melton, James Meyer. James
Watson, Diane Wall, Wayne Murphy, Julies Miles, Clifford Livingston, Donnie Hitchcock , Fred Dean and many , many others.

Last but not least, among my precious memories of Jordan High School was the Kiddie outfit I wore on Kiddie Day. My grandmother took her precious time to make me such a beautiful outfit. It was a light blue checked dress over it was a white pinafore with ruffles and a tie sash. She also made me the light blue bloomers. that came just to the knee and I wore knee socks and Mary Jane shoes. This dress was meant to go in my cedar chest and worn by my girls. My older sister borrowed it for her oldest daughter and kept it for her youngest daughter. Then she loaned it out to all the cousins and her friends who needed a Kiddie Day dress. By the time my Jan and Norma Kay were old enough to graduate and wear it, my sister had no idea where it was or who she loaned it to. All the time telling me it was in her closet safe for my girls to wear. Well, needless to say my girls never got to see or wear the outfit my grandmother made for me and I wore on Kiddie Day. This was the only unhappy memory I have about my years at Jordan and wanting both of my girls to wear my dress which was well kept waiting for them, so I thought. But, at least I have a picture of it. Hmmmm, I wonder if Unsolved Mysteries could find it for my granddaughter Delaney to wear?

Sandra Waldrop Doolittle

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