The Gathering part 2

January 6, 2013 Ron Rollins 0

The morning begins with a wake up call, breakfast and preparing for the morning hunt. Then the awaited moment arrives; it’s time to draw for stands for the morning hunt. Father and son approach the [continue reading]

If and When Honey

December 15, 2012 Ron Rollins 0

On Hwy 219 in the heart of old Whitesville , there is the old grist mill, and in the yard of the house next to the mill there is a sign with a bee hive on it and it says IF and When Honey. Bee keeping was a craft J.T Cox got into. It was just one of the many crafts he mastered in his 60 or so years in Whitesville. [continue reading]

Sacred Harp

December 14, 2012 Ron Rollins 0

Ben edited a weekly newspaper in Hamilton, Ga. In the music section of the paper, where” fasola ” songs were printed, he placed 13 of his songs. After 13 weeks of printing songs, they became so popular that the songs from the 13 issues of the newspaper were clipped out and pinned together to make the first ” The Sacred Harp “. [continue reading]