The Popular Mystery Picture Game

mystery picture game

Mystery Picture Game

Remember the CGO Mystery Picture Game? If you have been coming to Columbus Georgia Online for a while you may remember the longest running Internet Game in the south. Jan Page and I brought a new Mystery Picture to you every Friday night at the stoke of Midnight. For over eleven years it was what we did every Saturday morning.

Where Did Mystery Picture Game Go?

After eleven years we just ran out of ideas for new pictures. I would love to revive the Mystery Picture Game, but we need someone who has lived here long enough to know the area and history. Someone who could take the time to make photos and write a snappy little rhyme about it. Then ask a question about it and see how many people can guess or knows the answer. Posting correct answers and the time of the correct guess is all handled by the CGO staff. Sounds simple? It is, but it’s not, just ask Jan. Jan covered everything she could think of and she was great at it. She never missed a deadline and every Mystery Picture was a winner.

If you think you could do this and would like to give it a try, please contact Columbus Georgia Online (706-563-9521) and we’ll talk it over. Let’s get the Mystery Picture Game back on the Internet.

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