1915 Columbus Ga Circus Train Wreck

Circus Train

Circus Train Tragedy

by John Gilbert,  contributing essayist Columbus Georgia Online

COLUMBUS, GA. – –  On November 22, 1915, the Con T. Kennedy Circus train was about to pull into Columbus, GA when a passenger train moved onto the track against orders. No one is sure how many perished in the ensuing head-on train wreck. No Circus survivors. Their mass grave is in the Riverdale Cemetery near the Civic Center just off Victory Dr.

It seems the Circus train was made of wood, so during the wreck, all the circus train cars telescoped into each other killing all circus members.

View this short (approx 1 minute, 30 seconds) video presentation recounting the event prepared by John Gilbert. Excellent tribute.


by John Gilbert,  contributing essayist Columbus Georgia Online

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