Columbus Ga A New Era

Historic Columbus

More and More New Fun Things to do in Columbus Ga.

By Mike Dukes

CVisit Historic Columbus Gaolumbus, Ga. “New era” is booming while keeping its historic perspective. Columbus, Ga is home to Fort Benning, the Last Land Battle of the Civil War, Ma Rainey, and the longest urban whitewater course in the World, The Scramble Dog, the Columbus Lions Arena pro football team and the Columbus Cottonmouths pro hockey team, the Columbus Civic Center, the Columbus, Ga River Center, Columbus Convention and Trade Center, and the Columbus Museum. The National Infantry Museum, the Civil War Naval Museum and the Historic District with many homes on the National Register. Elegant to casual dining and Hotels for every budget. Our great city has so much fun and entertainment to offer.

Columbus Ga River Magnet

It took almost ten years to plan, fund and build the White Water Course, WOW!! What a difference good city planning can make. For those who thought, is was a waste of money, you were wrong, big time. The River Walk is a magnet for new fun stuff to do, and now with Columbus Ga. Whitewater, Uptown is drawing more fun businesses. Attractions are popping up like White Water Rafting, and Kayaking, and the newly redesigned pedestrian bridge at 14th Ave. The White Water Zip-Line and more. Like new restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. we’re on our way to becoming the “Atlanta of south Georgia”.

Visit Historic Columbus

More people than ever are dependent on or becoming dependent on the Internet to find restaurants, entertainment, and events. When you visit Uptown, you’ll notice tons of new fun things to do. “Drinking, Dancing, and Dining”, from casual concerts on Broad St. to interesting street dining, and Craft breweries. Stroll through this historic city with its lively new look and feel, you’re gonna love it.

Someone had to put all these “fun things to do” in one place, so I am in the process of doing just that, over at If you run an attraction, restaurant, hotel, or any other business a tourists or visitor to Columbus Ga would be interested in, please add your business listing and help VHC grow right along with our new Columbus.

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