2 Fireworks World Records


Fireworks World Records

At the 2006 Fireworks Convention in Appleton, Wisconsin, 2 world records were broken. In this 3 min. clip you will see the entire event. They are the most firecrackers lit in one mega-string (approx. 10,500,000) and the most firecrackers in one superstring (it is the vertical string of crackers). ENJOY!

Now fireworks sales are legal in Georgia. Everyone still had to go across the river to buy’em, but wait till we crank up and get started. You have to have a building with overhead sprinklers and other safety features in your building before you can open up a Fireworks store. Are we going to have a Georgia version of “Bang, Bang; Boom, Boom.” Maybe.

Law abiding Citizens

Hats of to all you folks in my neighborhood for braving the rain and sticking with their plans. I know our group had the best forth fireworks ever. All was quiet around midnight. Sunday night there were a few stragglers using up the rest of their fireworks supply, but it quieted down around here well before the 10 o’clock curfew. Well done everyone.

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