Todays Phone Spam bummer

Phone spam again

It’s My Phone Stop using it

Phone spam

Phone Spam Rantn’ and Raven’

ROBO CALLS – Junk calls, Spam calls – My phone is my phone. One of Americas biggest complaints goes unheeded by the government. No one likes Rachel.

After I began to work from home in July, I noticed just how many phone spam calls I was getting. Around three times a day my phone rings and there’s a computerized message, Robo Call, blaring out their advertisement. It interrupts our work and is totally aggravating. After thinking how I could get even, I came up with this idea.

I stop the spammer mid sentence and ask the name of their company and “ask them to pay an advertising fee for the time usage on my phone. If your going to use my phone that I pay for, you gotta pay my $50 fee, every time you call. I’ve only managed it twice so far, but the first guy hung up without another word. The second lady became confused and lost here train of thought just long enough for me to ask to be removed from their list or to expect a bill from me for $50. I guess we could turn them over to that lawyer we see on TV?

All of us get email spam and phone spam. I sometimes wish I could hack the hackers, find them and have them arrested. I don’t think the government cares, know why I say that? Did you notice how many phone spam calls we get around election time. Just one more important thing the Government ain’t doing anything about. Too busy social engineering our society, I suppose. It’s time we did a little social engineering at the White House? eh,

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