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Railroad at Piedmont

Model Railroad at Piedmont Lake

August 18, 2013 Ron Rollins 0

In May and again in October Norm Marwitz and friends present a large Model Train display in the gardens of Norm and Jan’s Lake Piedmont home. Complete with large detailed towns laid out in the beauty of 3+ acres of gardens. [continue reading]


The Gathering part 1

January 6, 2013 Ron Rollins 0

After dinner is over, each father and son received instructions to go out on the porch together and bring back one fire log from the stack next to the oyster cooler, and place it in the large hearth of the fire place in the family room. [continue reading]


The Gathering part 2

January 6, 2013 Ron Rollins 0

The morning begins with a wake up call, breakfast and preparing for the morning hunt. Then the awaited moment arrives; it’s time to draw for stands for the morning hunt. Father and son approach the [continue reading]

Honey Bee Hive

If and When Honey

December 15, 2012 Ron Rollins 0

On Hwy 219 in the heart of old Whitesville , there is the old grist mill, and in the yard of the house next to the mill there is a sign with a bee hive on it and it says IF and When Honey. Bee keeping was a craft J.T Cox got into. It was just one of the many crafts he mastered in his 60 or so years in Whitesville. [continue reading]

Country Church

God’s Love in the Country Church

December 15, 2012 Editor CGO 0

As settlers moved in the area in the early 1800’s, the churches played a duel roll in the community. The Church was of course a house for spiritual worship, but also in early years served as the law and peacemakers of the community. [continue reading]

sacred harp

Sacred Harp

December 14, 2012 Ron Rollins 0

Ben edited a weekly newspaper in Hamilton, Ga. In the music section of the paper, where” fasola ” songs were printed, he placed 13 of his songs. After 13 weeks of printing songs, they became so popular that the songs from the 13 issues of the newspaper were clipped out and pinned together to make the first ” The Sacred Harp “. [continue reading]

Spider Lily

Harris County Flat Shoal Spider Lily

December 14, 2012 Editor CGO 0

In Harris County,Ga.; we know when Summer is near, because of special events in nature; we are blessed to have here and to protect for future generation to enjoy. Spring here is a special floral event for us. In the lower Piedmont area of this County, we have a group of native plants, that thrive here, that are rare in most other areas. [continue reading]

Goat Man

Goat Man part 1

December 14, 2012 Ron Rollins 1

His name was Charles McCartney born in 1900 on the farm of his parents near Van Buran Township, Keokuk County, Iowa; the son of Albert and Louise E. Russell McCartney. His nickname was Ches. [continue reading]

Goat Man

Goat Man Is A Coming (part 2)

December 14, 2012 Ron Rollins 0

” Everyone is my friend, they visit me wherever I am; I don’t have to use a mortgaged car, burn credit card gas, or travel on borrowed time to visit you for a few minutes, and then to rush at unsafe speeds to make it in time for dinner or an appointment that someone else will break anyhow”. [continue reading]


Snipe Hunt Harris County Style

December 12, 2012 Ron Rollins 1

9 pm arrives, the boys are loaded on the golf cart with their gear: flash light, duct tape, club stick, croaker sack, and the most important tool the owl call. I now take the two teenagers to the field and sit them in the middle of the twenty acre field. Their instructions on how to hunt Snipe are: sit quietly, don’t wander around, stay put. Call every once in a while with the owl call; when you here the Snipe calling call some more with the owl call, they will leave the woods and come to you. [continue reading]


Graveyard Vandalized

December 12, 2012 Ron Rollins 0

It’s the Hutcherson Family Cemetery off Monument Road out of Whitesville, Ga. Well now this shrine left for a loving, caring family to it’s dead love ones has been 75% destroyed by vandals! [continue reading]

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