The Mitt Romney Cabinet Factor:

Mitt Romney

Why the Left wants an Election Vote Recount:

by   Facebook Opinion contributor


Is the Mitt Romney snake coming to bite? I don’t think so. Donald is too wise for this creepy, duplicitous guy who shimmies & stiffly walks like he’s got a foot long hemorrhoid hanging from his butt. He looked like a girly boy walking away from Donald last week.

ROMNEY is an overly ambitious egomaniac and narcissist to grovel at Trump’s feet looking for a cabinet position. Does this self-serving, weak excuse for a man have any sense of honor? This weak, pabulum fed, mealy-mouthed guy – who dissed Donald just a few weeks ago in a senseless, jealous rage – this GOP traitor who laughingly rode the bus with Hillary Clinton (who he voted for).

Yes. MITT thought she would win and give him a cabinet position. He figured wrong. Man can’t even bet correctly. He’s a disgusting soul. A low life. A ladder climbing liar with zero integrity and zero loyalty to Trump or the GOP. A treasonous Brutus, Judas, and Benedict Arnold all wrapped up into one wuss of a guy.

Frankly, Mitt Romney is a characterless, weak, broken shell of a man that couldn’t even defeat Obama last election. Now furious and green with jealously at Donald, he foamed at the mouth and raged at Donald, who loved him and gave a million dollars to him last election cycle. What a piece of moral defecation this elitist globalist ingrate is – this back stabbing, Mormon cultist tweeb who tried to bring the Donald down … but GOD ALMIGHTY STOPPED HIM cold! The LORD has now laid him low. Pride goeth before a fall Mitty boy. Sad to watch this. Really.


Could it be that Donald put forth Kellyanne on Sunday TV to speak against the Mitt Romney, the snake, as a signal for this jealous, envious, tormented, creep to withdraw his name from consideration as SOS?
I think it was. MITT and his condescending and nauseatingly fake, self-righteous religiosity toward Donald. A pharisee filled with betrayal and false judgment of a very good and decent business and family man (though not perfect) in Trump.

Yes. I believe Donald is wise to be done with this donkey ass once and for all. And I pray that this week he drives a silver stake right through the heart of this low hitting werewolf, this political Vampire who ever seems to go away – this devious devil of a soul- to finish off Mitt snakes political career off once and for all. Again – sad to see but JUST.


Could it be that Hillary just sealed her fate by her demeaning mocking of Trump this weekend making fun of Donald tweeting at 3 in the morning about her bogus money-making voter recount scheme? Really liar – after all the crimes you have committed you are still publicly jeering – and sneering at the Donald ?? Wow! What audacity!!

Why Donald just offered her an olive branch and possible pardon and now she quickly returns to bite his wrist with more of her venom. Hamm. Me thinks she hath now SEALED her fate. The South Carolinian & Alabama pit bulls TREY GOWDY & JEFF SESSIONS must now be let out of the justice pens hot on her trail. The hounds of justice must track her down for treason and try her. Yes. She deserves to stand before a military tribunal.

She’s one arrogant idiot to be still mocking Trump and causing bitter division in America. Her days as a free woman are now limited … so be it. LOCK HER UP DONALD!! RESTORE confidence in our fair and impartial justice system once again. Make this traitor and obstructor of justice – this criminal an example. And DUMP MITT – please feel free to cut the heads off both writhing snakes …


We appreciate you Me Trump and pray for your continued success.
Therefore. I am predicting now that you will …

1. Trump will DUMP ROMNEY and finish off his political career for good.

2. Trump will eventually appoint a special prosecutor and allow LADY JUSTICE to do her thing on this evil KILLARY WITCH!

God speed Mr. Trump in making America great and just once again! We know you are wise.

Now execute your campaign promises and may God guide and protect you in your mission.

by   Facebook Opinion contributor

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