TRUMP The Hammer and the Nail

the hammer and the nail

The hammer and the nail

TRUMP / CRUZ, 2016/2020.

“The Hammer” Donald Trump

A “citizen president” is what this nation has needed for a long time. Lawyers have dominated politics, and I’m tired of it. Trump Experience? Who says do we need experience in gov.? If so why is government failing us so miserably with all their experience? Having experience running a huge really big worldwide corporation, dealing with foreign governments, making critical decisions and mostly being on the ground, with real people solving problems means more than government experience to me. If you have a philosophy that is honorable and the energy to make changes that work in America’s favor, why would you need an experienced lawyer or career politician to use their own questionable philosophy? It comes down to leadership!

Someone who owes nothing to big donors, will not take a salary or lifetime retirement. Will not be owned or influenced, at the expense of what’s right for America. A man who only cares about this once great country and wants to make it great again. Give this man some thought. It matters what’s in a man’s heart and his values as to how he will treat others and his country. I think there is no better team choice for America than Donald J. TRUMP for president and Ted CRUZ for VP. I’m all in for “the Hammer and the Nail.” TRUMP/CRUZ 2016/2020/.

There is so much more that could be said about how great it is to have a man like TRUMP who is actually willing to take the time and spend his own money to “Make America Great Again”. Americans are blessed to have him in the race. I am sure he’s going to win it.

The Republican establishment didn’t want Ronald Reagan to win either, but the people rose up and elected arguably the most dynamic Rep President in the history of America. Like Reagan, Trump has ruffled their feathers and is not toeing the Republican line. So Trump isn’t just running against the Democrats, he’s also having to run against his own party. I am a conservative that happens to vote Republican. I think both parties serve the same master and that master ain’t America’s best interest. Redistribution of wealth by bringing America down to lift heathens that hate the US seems to be what both parties are convening to carry out. One World Government. Planet enslavement!!! Trump is going to ruin their plans. God bless this man called Trump.

TRUMP is Teaching, so learn

For those of you who think Trump’s way is slightly offensive, or that he is . He is teaching you, me, the press, and his opponents that there are consequences for statements they make and he will speak up when someone lies about him or takes something out of context or otherwise uses hateful remarks. This is valuable to all of us. Start listing to him with those ears, instead of negative ears. He’s teaching us the basics all over again. Remember John Wayne’s movies? He would answer a lie with, “you can’t say that about me”, SMACK! Civility and respect are his lessons. Watch him and learn.

“The Nail” Ted Cruz

Now let’s talk about a president’s right hand. The Vice President. Until now VP has been a “make-believe” position. NOT ANYMORE! Not with Ted Cruz. He could be the most visible, and most valuable Vice President in American History. Cruz is politically savvy and a perfect fit for President Trump. What a team. The reason I picked Ted Cruz is not shocking. Mr. Cruz seems to mimic Mr.  TRUMP’s political goals, Very much the same on Immigration, Guns, 2nd amendment rights. The constitution and healthcare. A remark about Carson was “Why do we need two of me, I would probably pick a politician as a running mate“, which made great sense to me. The inner working of the government would need to be thoroughly understood in detail which Mr. Cruz could make clear.

Throughout his entire life, has proven to be a passionate and effective fighter for limited government, economic growth, and the Constitution. He’s a firebrand for justice and religious freedoms. CRUZ will be a real vice president, not just a figurehead. With his great knowledge, when Trump tells him what he wants to do, CRUZ can put it together and they can agree and go forward. CRUZ will give needed political advice, and make things happen. CRUZ will play and important part of leading this country. Look at the current vice president, he’s as useless as ….(you know the rest of that statement).

Whether or not Mr. Trump picks Mr. Cruz as his running mate is his business, not mine. I’m just saying, it could work.

Attacks and phony polls are coming. Many polls are using below 300 samples to make their claims. Trump is staying in the news and he is promoting himself and he is doing it for pennies on the dollar compared to the others. If he can save a ton of money on running for President of the United states he is showing us all just how he plans to run America. Like a business, not like a politician. “the Hammer and the Nail TRUMP/CRUZ 2016/2020/.

At the time of this writing, polls are showing Trump losing to Hillary. At this time we have so many candidates, voting for the (R) nomination is divided. That will change as soon as Republican and conservatives are united with one candidate. I maintain my earlier prediction the in the General election TRUMP 80% ,  Hillary 19%. Watch Trump carefully he is speaking to America in a time of great need. BY ALL MEANS, REGISTER TO VOTE. IF WE DON’T WIN THIS ONE IT COULD BE OUR LAST ELECTION.

Agree or disagree? Comment below.

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