About Sandra W. Doolittle
Sandra shares her Glory Days. Her early years are a look into the history of our part of the world. Her High school days, the sock hops, the soda fountains, her friends and love of family. Join Sandra for an interesting read.

Outhouses the Porto-Potties of the Past

December 11, 2012 Sandra W. Doolittle 0

When I tried to tell Delaney the two seaters were one for an adult and one for a small child so they wouldn’t fall in….as she listened, I could tell I was digging myself deeper and deeper. I found out later the moon and sun on each of the doors of the outhouses were for men and women since some of our ancestors couldn’t read and this helped them which door to go in. [continue reading]


Founding Girard Alabama part 1

December 2, 2012 Sandra W. Doolittle 0

Warm Springs road used to be an Indian Trail and the Old Alabama Road would twist and turn down from Ellerslie into Columbus , near where Warm Springs Rd is now. I would like to think that the Old Alabama Road bought some of my ancestors down from North and South Carolina. [continue reading]

Girard Alabama

My View of Girard Alabama part 2

December 2, 2012 Sandra W. Doolittle 0

Stories go that the City was originally named for the Eagle & Phenix Mill located in Columbus, GA. Tradition says that the “O” was dropped from the word phoenix as a way of distinguishing themselves from Phoenix, Arizona. Our spelling may be slightly different, but legendary phoenix bird is the same. [continue reading]

Downtown Columbus, GA.

Broadway is Still Downtown to Me

December 2, 2012 Sandra W. Doolittle 0

I remember another family business, Chancellor Company. Its founder was Alexander C. Chancellor. Chancellor remained in the same block of Broadway since its establishment and essentially in its original location. I can remember mother going into Chancellor’s shopping for cloths for daddy. Even when I was young the downtown business was already very old. [continue reading]


Columbus Good old Days

September 12, 2012 Sandra W. Doolittle 0

I find it to be quite true that the experiences and reflections expressed by these writers will immediately bring back fond and happily treasured memories to the mind of all of us who have lived in Columbus at one time or another. [continue reading]