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Banking / Mortgages

Here is a list of Financial Services in Columbus Ga and the Chattahoochee Valley Area. Each has been added to assist you in securing a loan, setting up a savings account or other financial services. Columbus Georgia Online is the leader in promoting financial services in our Chattahoochee Valley. If you are involved in financial services in our area you are invited to Suggest-A-Site to this page.






Quick Loans


Tax Preparation



Sandi Fleming is an expert in private real estate financing.  She has counseled individuals and companies in structuring private paper transactions and turning private paper assets into cash.

Offering outsourced administrative, secretarial, business support services, desktop publishing, web design, travel arrangements and more.

We can assist you in designing and evaluating  intervention programs to truly fulfill your mission  and  earn your organization even more funding support.




Connecting companies with accountants

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