Hillary is Scary


HillaryI haven’t heard much about what Hillary actually said from the media, during the ruckus with the Black Lives Matter crowd. Maybe it didn’t connect with them, but it flipped a switch with me. She said something that scared me, really. The the BLM spokesperson, “nicely asked her for help changing the hearts of those authorities that abuses them.” Mrs. Clinton acted shocked and said, “I don’t change hearts, I change laws, withhold funds, and change systems.scary!! 

Read that again, Hillary sounds just like a Communist or German Dictator to me. In others words she feels like she can change anything she wants, not by changing hearts but by dictating the outcome. She is definitely not what America needs.

America needs to get registered to vote, then vote. We don’t need a milk-toast Republican running this country, we need someone who is more powerful than they are who will tell it like it is. We need TRUMP.

Plenty of good people on the Democrat side feel as if their party has abandoned them, gone crazy with power. Many Republicans feel the same way about the Republican Party. Professional Politicians no longer represent our values or our concerns for this country. We want to prosper too.

No Hillary, No Liberal Regressives, No more Democrats Please

Good people from all parties, persuasions, and races, stand up and back the “man of the people”, President Donald J. Trump. Let’s Make America Great Again. Join us if you want America back.

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