Solar Roadways

solar roadways

What are Solar Freek’n Roadways?

Solar Roadways is the Greatest Idea to Date – I have to admit I’ve never been accused me of hanging out with tree huggers, but I want a better economy as pollution free as the next guy. So far most Americans just don’t want to return to the stone age to get it. But Solar Roadways just could be the Answer. This is such a good idea. So far the newly invented panels are working in the inventors business parking lot to save on this husband and wife team’s electric bill.

Solar Roads Self LightingSolar Roadways could be something that changes our future for the better. Talk about futuristic? Picture solar panels covering all the roads, parking lots, driveways, etc., gathering renewable energy from the sun and transforming it into usable electricity. Because of their design, the Solar panels have all the characteristics that pavement roads have like, durability, strength, and traction. Enhanced by internal LED lights there’s no need to paint lane stripes on the road, just change the lights setting to redesign a roadway to fit the situation. Hexagon shaped pieces made from ocean and land liter, recyclable and garbage. The invention and implementation of Solar Roadways could lead to a wonderful near pollution free planet to live on. Electric cars could recharge while they drive. If Soloar Roadway  is installed where all existing highways are now, along with covering driveways, researchers say Solar Roads would product three times the required energy to completely power America. A monumental task but an idea that unites people world-wide with a goal of good for all will be the most successful project the world has ever seen.

I’m finally hopeful that we may yet come together as a nation, as we have in the past, to build this Great Pyramid of a project for the benefit of all people and to cleanse the Earth from as many pollutants as we can. With a project like this on the horizon, people will come together from all over the world to work on a common goal. Save Earth and Civilization.

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The Benefits are extreme. Job creation and lower energy bills. No fossil fuel pollutants. The list goes on. Follow this link to read more.

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