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Phenix City Drag Strip

Phenix City, AL. Drag Strip

Phenix City, AL. Drag Strip staging area

A Day at the Phenix City Drag Strip

Phenix City, AL. — Arriving at the Phenix City Drag Strip gate about one hour before race time Jesse Allport and I could see the beautiful raceway setting beneath the trees in the pit area. The sky was clear and the sun was out and shinning strong. People are already there preparing their cars to race, visiting with others and getting hot dogs, hamburgers and cokes. We drive in and park right in the middle of the action.

I grabbed my camera and Jesse and I took a walk around the Phenix City Drag Strip, we stopped and got a hamburger and I was pleasantly surprised, it was delicious. It was hot so I drank a Coke with it. I remember making a mental note to stop back and get another before the races started. Jesse knew a few of the folks there so we went up the the press box and was introduced around to Brian Gordy and some real nice people. They gave us a little history about the track and made us feel welcome. The yellow car at the right is being considered for a spot on the front page of the new Phenix Motor Sports website.

Phenix City Drag Strip

Darrin Sandefus and his dad Jimmy Sandefus

Darrin Sanderson and his dad Jimmy Sandefus bring the car in from Zebulon, Ga and have been coming to the Phenix City Drag facility since Darrin was a little kid. When I asked Darrin if their car was the fastest Darrin just smiled and said, “I wish, there are some really fast cars here today.” Later I watched their driver, Jason Thomas turn a 5:32 time on the worlds fastest 1/8 track. I had never been to an eighth of a mile track before and I was surprised. You stay close to the action and can actually see the winner from your seat. Very exciting.




Phenix City Drag Strip

Owners Fred and Scott Chambers have the fastest 1/8 mile track in the World. Phenix City Drag Strip is the 10.5 Outlaw World Record holder.

Up in the Phenix City Drag Strip tower is Brian Gordy. He sits at a very important looking control panel of switches and plays them like a musician. Talk about a busy guy.  I have to say he’s got a great view and air conditioning too. Every where you walk there are race cars every where. If you come out to the track bring your camera. You are gonna have a great, exciting day and get some unforgettable pictures.



Phenix City Drag Strip


A walk around the Phenix City Drag Strip

We took a walk around the Phenix City Drag Strip and looked at some good looking cars and trucks. Did I mention we ate some real good hamburgers at the snack stand? We did and I did go back and get another, yum. Once the events started I stayed in my seat or walked down to the start line to watch the burn outs, staging and the starts, of course. There was a lot of racers there that day and the action was constant.

Directions to the Phenix City Drag Strip

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