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Jordan High School Is Number One!


[Jordan 27 and Columbus High 07]

by Sandra Waldrop Doolittle

27-ribbon Jordan HighFor the next hundred years Jordan High School will be number “One”. For the next hundred years  we will proudly hold our finger high. (Columbus High, you all can take that anyway you want to. :O)

But who is number one for the next hundred years? Not Columbus High School; But…Jordan High School and a nice win to boot…Jordan 27 and Columbus High 07.
Our Sock Hop dance with meal cost us ten dollars each. Story Goes, Columbus High paid seventy-five dollars for their meal each. We had hamburgers, chips and drinks. The fellowship of being with old friends laughing , talking and remembering the good old GLORY Days.

David Hays Host of the Sock Hop at Jordan High School 2008

Jordan High Students were called the Red Jackets but most of all we were called the Lint Heads. We were between the St. Elmo railroad tracks and the river. The mills were in Bibb City. Hamilton Road was one of our few roads that would take us out of town. The last part of Rose Hill Height sat it on the edge of Hamilton Road when the City decided to make the road wider, they just took what they needed.. The City measured off eight feet of our front yard without even asking. Now take in to consideration I was very young and only remembered bits and pieces. But, as the story goes , this is how I remembered what happen.

Hamilton Road was a colorful place to live. We used to sit on the our front porch and watch cars jump the sidewalk and run over men who were waiting for the bus at the bus stop.


27-2 jordan high
Ambulance wrecked in my front yard.

Then one Saturday after noon we watched a donkey get run over (it didn’t hurt him, it just knocked him silly and he didn’t know which end was up). The donkey had escape from a circus downtown off of Victory Drive and had wondered up Hamilton Road to 25th Street where he was then hit by a car. Oh yeah, then there was the night Mama, Daddy, my sister Norma and her husband Oscar were sitting in our living room with the front door open while watching television.(I was about twelve years old )  aI heard a loud noise sounding like it came from the corner of 35th street and Hamilton Road all of a sudden I saw light coming thru the front yard and this large white thing crashed into my brother in law’s brand new Pontiac I heard a loud noise sounding like it came from the corner of 35th street and Hamilton Road all of a sudden I saw light coming thru the front yard and this large white thing crashed into my brother in law’s brand new Pontiac. You should have been there to see the expression on Oscar’s face as the loud noise kept getting closer and louder then smashing in to his new car. We were all on our feet heading for the screened in front porch. An ambulance had been hit by a car at the corner of 35th street and Hamilton Road. One of the tires had been knocked off and the ambulance rolled down the street, cut thru our front yard and reared ended the Pontiac, Brand new Pontiac that is. Well, Daddy working for Southern Bell Telephone Company knew First Aid and how to use it. Daddy was a twenty-five year safety driving Telephone Man and had the cards to prove it. (He was sort of like a first responder with the Vol. Fire Department)

First Daddy waited until the policemen drove up and then with caution he pulled the driver and the attendant out of the ambulance then he went to the back and there was a woman laying inside. Daddy didn’t know which end was up, he didn’t know where to reach to see if she was hurt or where she should be touch to be pulled out. Later we found out this lady was sitting on the curb on Hamilton and 45th street. Someone call for an ambulance, they thought she might have be hit by a car. Well, she wasn’t …she was drunk. The ambulance drivers didn’t know so they picked her up and was on the way to the City Hospital, Medical Center, might have been. As the ambulance drove down Hamilton a man ran the 35th street stop sign ran into the ambulance and knocked one of the wheels off. This is how the ambulance ended up in our front yard with bodies laying on our front yard. I thought I was going to get a whipping because I wouldn’t sleep under my blankets that had blood on them and the City had them cleaned. Mama finally broke down and bought me new blankets for my bed.

Now back to the story as it goes: Columbus High was in a beautiful part of town with Wild Park / Lake Bottom across the street. The old Wynnton area and the beautiful homes in the area where the Kirven’s home was. The Kirven’s home is still there and still beautiful. In the Olden days these homes in the Columbus High area were a site to behold and the rich and famous people of Columbus, Georgia lived there. The Martins had newer more modern home in the Wynnton area, but Roy Martin had a beautiful home in old Rose Hill Heights. Where Rose Hill has her own antebellum homes.

Most of the parents in the Columbus High School area were Doctors, Lawyers and White Collar workers where the Jordan High student’s parents were Blue Collar workers. But off the top of my head we’ve had two Mayors who attended Jordan Mayor Jim Wetherington and J. R. Allen. Thru the years I’ve heard that a good many of our Columbus Policemen attended Jordan High. When in trouble all one had to do was roll down the window and whistle the Jordan High fight song “When the Carmen and Gray are flowing”. (So the story goes)

So yes, there will always be a Blue Collar part of town and a White Collar part of town to the children of the fifties. There will always be a name the Jordan High Students call the Columbus High Students but can no longer be mention. I ran into a young lady who worked at Dillard’s and when she found out I went to Jordan High School she asked me what was the name we used to call her parents and I whispered it into her ear and she laughed out loud. She said, “That is what her parents said it was”.

It’s a shame in the sight of God that so many student’s parents don’t want their children to attend Jordan High School. Jordan High has never stop growing. The buildings keep going up and there are as smart and educated teachers there as there are at other schools. When you attended Jordan High School you could graduate one day and have a job the next day. With Jordan you could have a job while paying your own way thru College. Jordan High is the same school as it always was. It’s run by well educated people who love the school and the students. Jordan High was tops when they had, Just to mention a few, Miss Vera Allen, Miss Louise Randall, Mrs. Julia M. Taylor, Mrs Pearle Tedder, Miss Mamie Truett, Miss Evelyn Van Landingham Miss Mayme Cole, Mrs Elizabeth Davis, Miss Aggie Dean Scott, Miss Virginia Parker,Miss Virginia Spears, Mrs Ada Ray, (Secretary),Mrs Dorothy Jenkins, Mr. Richard Gunter, Mrs. Elizabeth Green , Miss Margaret Cox, Mr. R. H. Taliaferro, Mr. R. A. Powell, Mr. Walter W. Walter Crouch, Coach William Godwin, Mr. E. D. Fink, Mr. William R. Moores, Mr. Cecil Ward McDonald, Mr. Herbert Slayden, Mr. Hugh William, Mr. D. D. Trotter Mr. Eugene Cline, Miss Emma Jayne Bernholz, Miss Sara Bolin Mr. Robert M. Barr

The teachers of Jordan High School today are just as educated and smart as the teachers of the Fifties. We Thank and Praise both the older teachers and the present day teachers.

Jordan High School has always been on the wrong side of the tracks, but this has never kept them down. The Band has gotten so small. All it would take would be for one man like Robert Barr to walk in and take over . Jordan has always had the Spirit. If somewhere their is a man who loves music and could take a small number like Mr. Barr did and make then into a Million Dollar Band and “Best Band in the Land” again.

Jordan High School Band at Columbus Junior High School 2004 the Band consisted of about twelve people.

We Hail:

1955 Jordan High School

Conceived fifty years ago

When the Columbus School Board unanimously adopted Superintendent Carlton B. Gibson’s recommendation to establish a secondary industrial high school;

(Carlton B. Gibson 1895-1909 Our Superintendents of Education)

Hon. G Gumby Jordan President
Columbus School Board

(Mr Gumby Jordan gave us the land where Jordan High School is built now.)

Hon. John D. McIlenny

Hon. George Folster Peabody

Jordan High School had the BEST BAND IN THE LAND, Thanks to Robert Barr.
The Barrs were very much apart of our lives while attending Jordan High School. Anne Barr (Mrs. Robert Barr) Anne lead the Orchestra at Jordan High. Anne was just as short and tiny as Mr. Barr was tall.

Anne’s sister owned a Dress Shop and once a year Anne would received a large box of cloths. She would let us know when the box arrived and the following months fall, winter and spring she would wear a new outfit almost every day. Anne was my teacher from Johnson Elementary to Columbus Junior High and thru Jordan High.

At one time there was going to be a movie about Mr. Barr’s life . I believe Dick McMichael a former Band member wrote the story. I met Anne for a short visit while she was in Columbus while they were filming the mover. For some reason the movie wasn’t made. I was disappointed, I truly believe the Barr family had a lot to offer. My friendship started with the Barrs when I was a member in the Orchestra from the time they lived behind the Water Company on 13th Street until they moved to a beautiful home on 15th Street, I think. The house was on t he same street as Jordan High School.

The IHOP after the SOCK HOP:

After the Sock Hop The Franklin girls Jeanne, Christy, Ron Rollins and myself wanted to talk some more so we drove to the IHOP for a late snack. The Franklin family ending up being from Russell County and knowing many people that Ron knew. After about an hour Jeanne, Christy and Ron discovered they were related and knew of many family members. It’s interesting to sit down with strangers and a couple of hours later you find that your parents were cousins.

While Jeanne and Ron were talking about cousins Christy and I were sharing pictures. I left the table for a few minutes and when I came back Ron had made friends with lady and they were chatting away. I sat down and listen and they really did know the same people . I am going to let you read Linda’s email to Ron so you will see how strangers can become friends.

Ron and Sandra,
I want to thank you two for taking the time to talk with me last night. As you could see, I was hanging on all the words that you two spoke. After going to your web page, I realized that I had discovered it last year. Ron, quickly, please let me correct something that I said last night. We were talking about someone; I think Jerry Ingram or Bobby Ingles, I can’t remember…anyway, please disregard that conversation. There was some confusion, on my part, about the person we were discussing. I was thinking about John Dennis who lives in California. I won’t say age was a part of that confusion, let’s just say I was tired. 🙂 Ron, reading some of your bio, I wished that Mom could have seen your accomplishments. Who knows, she may well have been aware, my mother knew everything! 🙂 Two weeks before my mom passed away I promised her that I would refrain from some of my activities/politics. At the time of Mom and Doug’s death, I served as Vice President for Georgia PTA. One thing that I am glad that she was able to share with me was the day I was recognized as a State Merit Mother of the Year for Georgia (Mom was able to attend the reception with me at the Governor’s Mansion). Mom, also, was able to see me recognized, by my peers, as a Teacher of the Year at Trickum Middle School. I remember when she was recognized at Central, I was so proud of her. I have cut back doing workshops on Parenting Skills, Gangs, Bullying, Drugs, and other topics relating to risk factors for students. You and Sandra have such a passion for what you write, I have tackled life in the same manor. Maybe one day, I too, will have that ability to do what you all do. My Mom’s last wish for me was to write… and write I must. Ron, I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet someone from Phenix City; it brings back so many memories of my mom and the times that Central meant so much to my family. I hope that Mom touched your life as she did so many. I am sending you two a story that I wrote… this is just to share with you, as I have shared it with others. Sandra, I feel so lucky to have had downtown as part of my life…it helped to shape the person that I have become. Thanks for taking me back, in memory, to Fifth Street. Ron, Phenix City, what can I say? It brought culture into my life and gave me an appreciation of the arts…Ann Register was the BEST! Sandra and Ron, again, thank you for taking the time to let me go home again. The conversation with you two was a blessing and a gift.

Sincerely, Linda Taylor Brubaker, JVHS class of ‘66

This email is also from Linda Taylor Brubaker. Those who lived on Lower Broad or off of Lower Broad may bring back memories of Lawhorn’s Grocery Store, Seven Street School and Salsberry’s monument.


Ricky’s dad and Emily’s dad were in the restaurant business. Emily is his cousin. Sandra, some of us are getting together on November 1st , at 12:30, at my home in Buford. The people coming lived downtown beginning around 1948ish (that’s when they were born). If you are interesting in coming, we would enjoy the company. I’am not sure what kind of information that you can get from them. Millie Casion is coming. They lived in the large brick house on the corner of Broad and 7th Street (?). I lived at 712 Broad. Her brother was George Harold. Most of the group getting together graduated from Jordan in ’66. We’ve done this for years. Please consider coming. As for my siblings, I had one brother. Doug was a year and 7 months younger. He served as class president during his sophomore, junior, and senior year at Jordan. Doug passed away May 20, 1998, after being diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. The Douglas Stanley Taylor Scholarship at JVHS is in his memory. We have presented four $1,000 scholarships each year since 2001 to four seniors at JVHS. At the back of the 100th Game brochure there was a page about the scholarship. On the cover of the booklet, was a picture of Jordan. My mother passed away April 20, 1999, after being diagnosed with bone cancer. My mother and brother passed away within 11 months of each other. It was a very difficult time for my brother, mother, and my family. During that time, I was honored as a Merit Mother for Georgia, Teacher of the Year from my school, and served as vice president for Georgia PTA, etc. I could not enjoy the honors and was torn between advocating for children in Georgia. My husband and daughters were so supportive during this time. I took a leave of absence to be my brother’s caregiver….he was divorced. I returned to teaching after his death, Mother became ill and the doctor was beginning the process for me to take another leave of absence. She passed away before the paper work began. I returned to teaching and completed my 30th year last May. Retiring was a no brainier for me. I love teaching, but my family gave me so much that I felt it was their time. I love everyday that I get up. I have two wonderful daughters, two wonderful Christian sons-in-law, and a husband of 33 years who continues to be a helpmate, and 4 precious grandchildren….2 girls and 2 boys….ages 2 and under. When I ran into you and Ron that night at IHOP….I felt like it was a gift. You were from my neighborhood and Ron was a former student of my mom’s. Talking about paths crossing….I couldn’t believe it. It was like my family was with me. Strange as that may sound to you. My dad owned Taylor Exterminating Company in Columbus for year. He retired around 1983 and passed away in 1985. When my mother and brother passed away, I felt alone. My children told me that they loved me. I told them that there was nothing like the immediate family who loves you unconditional. It’s hard being the only one left. But when I run into people like you and Ron, I realize that a part is still here. To talk about downtown and the connections to my mom, I cling to those words. I was clinging to every word that you and Ron were saying that night. Again, thank you two for letting me interrupt and be part of your conversation for that night. Please consider coming. I am serving Open Face Tacos. Also, if you think Ron would come, please extend the invitation to him.


Thanks for letting me share my memories with you.
Love ya,

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