Defund ObamaCare

Defund Obamacare Meeting

Now Is the Time to Stop Obama Care

Conservative and Tea Party Leaders gather in Birmingham, Alabama.
August 23rd, 2013 RSVP Required.

Members of Congress are leaving Washington in August to head home—but not many of them are hosting town hall events to hear what their constituents are saying.

So Heritage Action is standing in the gap: bringing education on the critical issues and our message of Congressional accountability to critical cities across the country—including Birmingham, Al. August 23rd, 2013. See details RSVP How you can make your voice heard in Birmingham.

town hall meeting
Town hall meeting

Help defund obamacare Spread this on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Don’t sit on the couch, SHOW UP COLUMBUS!!

Having affordable health insurance for everyone is a good idea regardless of race or political orientation. Is Obamacare the answer? No, it’s not well thought out and overly complicated, that favors some and punishes others with fines. It will cost us more money for less coverage. This is not a health care solution, it’s a health care take over. One more way to control our freedoms and liberties. Gullible, well meaning voters put this president in office, but I hear the discontent and in many cases remorse starting to take hold. Head of the IRS says, “he doesn’t want his employees forced into Obamacare. EXEMPT THEM?? The congress won’t be forced fed obamacare with us either. EXEMPTED!! The very Unions that helped get Obama elected are turning  against him, BRIBE THEM TO GO ALONG?? Probably,

Join us in the fight against tyranny. Stop Obamacare. Come to Birmingham. Could this be the beginning of the “American Spring”? Stop trying to turn this once great country inside out. Juveniles in charge aint the chance people voted for. Stop it, go no further. The left is trying to discredit anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Sooner or later even Obama worshipers will be stepped on and that’s happening with ObamaCare. I feel a change coming from every corner of America. Despite the propaganda being handed out by a completely discredited Drive-bu-Media, the pendulum is swinging back to reason.

Watch-dog group Quite Normal, says, “If Americans don’t overthrow this totalitarian regime, every one of us are going to be at the whim of a cabal of brainless, heartless bureaucrats and their thousands of pages of laws and regulations. In other words, slaves to the State.” Share your ideas and listen to other Americans share theirs. This isn’t a march, this is an organized town hall meeting. Gather with fellow Americans to make America better with thoughtful changes designed for the  betterment of all.

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