Sandra Doolittle is a CGO contributor – Sandra says, “Growing up in the 50’s wasn’t for sissys.” She goes on to tell the stories of her Glory Days, high school, what they did on dates and generally the way things were. Interesting and historic in a way. Your goanna love this “two thumbs up lady”.

Broadway is Still Downtown to Me

December 2, 2012 Sandra W. Doolittle 0

I remember another family business, Chancellor Company. Its founder was Alexander C. Chancellor. Chancellor remained in the same block of Broadway since its establishment and essentially in its original location. I can remember mother going into Chancellor’s shopping for cloths for daddy. Even when I was young the downtown business was already very old. [continue reading]

Columbus Good old Days

September 12, 2012 Sandra W. Doolittle 0

I find it to be quite true that the experiences and reflections expressed by these writers will immediately bring back fond and happily treasured memories to the mind of all of us who have lived in Columbus at one time or another. [continue reading]

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