John Gilbert a CGO content contributor – A terrific storyteller and “Save The Bradley” is historic, funny and entertaining!
John Gilbert’s special talent is to awaken the child in us all.

Indiana Jones Brother Dave- chap 4

December 2, 2012 John Gilbert 0

It was so dry rotted that it tore with little effort. When I ripped the cloth there came another avalanche of dust. As I flipped the light on and pulled back the cloth I felt like Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. As I pulled back the fabric I came face to face with a golden head. I could hardly catch my breath. “It’s still here!” I shouted. Brother Dave will love it. [continue reading]

Let’s Show A Movie – Chap 5

December 2, 2012 John Gilbert 0

The doorman was supposed to hold the crowd in front of the theater for the ribbon cutting ceremony but by the time I finished with the film camera everyone was already inside. I moved the ceremony to the stage where we cut a piece of film in place of a ribbon. [continue reading]

Burt Reynolds Helps – Chap 6

December 2, 2012 John Gilbert 0

The next day I stopped by WVOC and met with station manager Jerry Russell. He was more than excited and offered to put his station at my disposal. Beverly suggested putting a message to Burt on the lighted rotating sign in front of the station. She said we could take a picture of it and give it to Ed for him to take to his meeting. I gathered up the sign’s letters and spelled out “BURT REYNOLDS, HELP SAVE THE BRADLEY”. As I took the picture I noticed people in cars rubber-necking to read the sign. Once I had gotten a good shot I removed the message from the sign but it was too late. From the few minutes the message was up, word spread like wildfire. [continue reading]

Save the Bradley – Chap 7

December 2, 2012 John Gilbert 0

One cold January day the power company turned the lights off at our house because we couldn’t pay our bill. When I got home that evening Angie had packed her car with her belongings and was loading up the girls. She said that the children couldn’t stay in a house without heat or lights and she was going to her mother’s in Atlanta. [continue reading]

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