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4th of July

Born on the Fourth of July, just like America.

4th of July Columbus Georgia Online uploaded on the 4th of July, 2001. That was just before the Trade Center bombing, that’s a long time. After about 3 months of development, the domain name was purchased on the 3rd and the site was ready to launch on the fourth. I was celebrating the 4th with my family and friends around the pool. I ducked into my home office and hit the upload button and Columbus Georgia Online came to life.

CGO, as it became known, was an immediate success with features like live news and the “Mystery Picture Game”. Times have changed and content is the King now. A great staff of volunteer writers fill the pages of CGO with articles about the history of our wonderful historic city and it’s people. Columbus Georgia Online is actually mentioned in Wikipedia as a historic note of Columbus and readers enjoy it.

SEC Football up to the minute news is still a favorite page on CGO and with football starting up soon we look for more of you to visit.

Sound Off on CGO

Guest articles are now possible. If you have something to say to Columbus Ga. you can and people are doing it. Use this service for free. Click on “Article Submission” and write away. You can talk about your business, products and services, or announce an event, or anything you like. Articles are reviewed by CGO staff before it goes live. You can even include pictures. CGO has always been a grass-roots newspaper, by the citizens for the citizens.

America is Down, But not for the count

We will rise again! America is still the greatest country on earth to me, I was a proud, gung-ho, member of the United States Air Force (1968-1972), and through all it’s growing pains I still think America is the best place. Look forward to an even better place to live and God Bless America and every one of its people.

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I build awesome affordable websites for myself and clients. When I’m not on the Internet I love working in my yard.

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